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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Firstly, much thx to fifianggun dan cerita sekupang for da' TAG

once you've been tagged , answer all the questions honestly , No lying or Cheat-ing okayy ? :)

Starting time ; 2040

Name ; Momoy | Emy | Amy Cheng

Brother(S) ; 1

Eye Colour ; Green (Lens...Hehe)

Shoe Size : 6
Hair ; Long extreme layer straight with side bang
Piercings ; A pair and 2 additional at right 
What are you wearing right now ; jeans, top and sneaker
Where do you live ; KL
Favourite number ; 7
Favourite drink ; Hot chocolate, hazelnut coffe, air suam, teh
Favourite Breakfast ; nasi lemak and roti canai

HavYou Ever ;

Broken a bone ; Yes
Been in a police car ; No
Fallen for a friend ; No. Never fall in love masa study. Skema ? Yea
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; No
Swam in the ocean ; No (banyak nyer 'no')
Fallen asleep in school ; Yes. Pernah sekali dalam Final Exam!
Broken someone's heart ; Yes. So sorry. U are my junior.
Cried when someone died ; Yes... My BF
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; Yes
Save e-mails ; Job and important emails 
Been cheated on ; Yup

What ;

Your room like ; Peaceful. Sakit kepala kalau messy maa...
What is right beside youu ; My officemate. Wahaha... (kantoi)
What is the last thing you ate ; Nasi kerabu

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; errr.. forgot
Who was the last person you dance with ; Elicia Yap, my friend
Who last made you smile ;Geng-geng site Momoy... time main bowling lunch hour tadi

FinaQuestion ;

What are you listening to right now ; Radio Terengganu (tapi tak faham)

What did you do todayyy ; Kerja + Bowling + Gi plant

Are you the oldest ; Yup
Indoors or outdoors ; both

Todayy You Did ;

Talk to someone you like ; Huhu... dun have
Kiss anyone ; No..
Sing ; No
Talk to an ex ; No
Miss Someone ; No
Eat ; Nasi kerabu, coklat, maruku & peanuts

LasPerson Whooo ;

You talked to on the phone ; Hasanol, my bos

Made you cry ; x-BF, he married x-GF dia! Waa... Never PJJ ok dear. High risk!

You went to the mall with ; Geng-geng site Momoy - bowling
Who cheered you up ; Oppa Umair, Kawan YM (kenal hampir 4 tahun)

Have You ;

Been to Mexico ; Not Interested
Been to USA ; Someday

Randommm ;

Have a crush on someone ; 2 times
What Book are you reading right now ; EH! Jan issue
Best feeling in the world ; Dating! Dulu punya cerita...
Future kids name ; Dania
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; Nope
What under your bed ; Nothing
Favourite sport(s) ; Futsal
Favourite place ; beach, mall, cinema
Who do you really hate ; Frog
Do you have a job ; Yes
What time is it now ; 2044

with however long it took you to complete this
To tag 15 peoples =.=


9 tukang comment:

Hydolarc said...

yeke chumil x penah kene kiss...:-?

caliph shuriken said...

so desuka...

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...


@caliph shuriken

. Amiera . said...

teng's dear :)

SAMMY said...

Sammy di tag?? waaaaa tengs sangat2,.nanti sammy wat maaf la klu lambat, internet selow giler la lately :)

Amy Syaquena said...

Selamat menjawab tag semua..

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

wooo~ kawen ngan ex-gf sndiri?? apekah..?? sabar ye momoy.. usah dikenang org cm2.. huk3~ =.='

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@. Amiera .
ada masa buat laa yer =)

hehe...ok jer sammy yang comel =)

@ Amy Syaquena
hehe...banyak kan

@ NuSaNa NoSa 91
thx dear. Hmm... tak ingat lagi cuma kadang2 jer bila ibu diacerita sebab still visit ibu and family dia sampai sekarang. Haha...

PReDicToR said...

daku di tag di sini ye...nt lewat cket kot.

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