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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exorcismus The Possession Of Amy Evans (2011)

Siri Exorcist lagi. Siapa yang pernah tengok filem-filem Exorcist ni mesti tahu jalan ceritanya. Kali ni dengan tajuk Exorcismus The Possession Of Amy Evans (2011). Tak tahu seram ke tak sebab Momoy tak tengok lagi. Baru je download. Tapi tengok thriller boleh tahan juga citernya. 

Picture- Google

Fifteen year-old Emma Evans has an argument with her mother Lucy since she wants to go to a concert in London with her friends Rose and Alex. Emma immediately has a convulsion and her family takes her to the hospital, but the doctors do not find any physical problem. Then her father John tries to convince his wife to send Emma to school, instead of homeschooling, but she prefers to keep Emma in the family-based education. Lucy sends her daughter to the psychoanalyst believing that she has psychological problems and Emma asks her friend Rose to record her session of hypnosis though the cellular but the doctor dies during the session. When Emma listens to the tape, she believes she is possessed by the devil and asks her parents to be submitted to an exorcism with her uncle, Priest Christopher Taylor. However her skeptical mother is against the ritual and recalls that Chris was responsible for the death of a teenager, Ana, in the past in an unsuccessful exorcism. But when Emma levitates in the kitchen in front of her family, her parents call Chris. Source- bioskop21

Triller filem ni [klik sini].
Untuk download movie Exorcismus The Possession Of Amy Evans (2011) tu korang boleh [klik sini]


6 tukang comment:

Amy Hypo said...

best ta best ta?

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ Amy Hypo
macam best
tak tahu la dear sbb x tgk lagi

Amy Hypo said...

ouh ouh dah tgk nanti sila rate eh. malas nak tgk kalau tak best :)

Miecyber said...


Kembara Berakit Antarabangsa Sungai Pahang 2011

Ayie said...

Dah tengok nanti, review sikit.. Nak download, takut tak bes plak.. ^^

De Mois said...

Haah..xpernah tengok pun cerita ni. Agk2 besh kot..

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