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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lips stuff for Gyaru Makeup

Love gyaru style ? Okay... Guru Tsubasa Masuwaka always goes with nude lips color. Momoy bought this lips stuff in range Heavy Rotation brand Kiss Me from Sasa. Let's see!

Heavy Rotation Milky 
“Milky Lips" in a instant ! Matte color lipstick for milky shades.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips in #01 Pure Pink | RM 34.90

Have you ever tried this milky lipstick before?

Delivers vivid, intense color in one easy sweep.
The lipstick has a concealing effect  and covers redness or dullness of the lips. A single quick application can create soft, milky shades that make eye makeup stand out.

A matte finish that goes beautifully with gloss
The matte lipstick stays nicely on the lips. Gloss can be applied on top and stay fresh without smudging the lipstick.

Contains 5 beauty ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Macadamia nut oil, Mango butter (mango seed oil), Coconut oil.

Delicate scent of strawberry milk =)

More picture of Milky Lips Color:

So milky on lippy ^^


Heavy Rotation Sexy 
Creates “Metallic Glossy”, Sexy and glamorous lips instantly.

Momoy love the color. So Momoy bought two shades which is Melow and Dolly to try.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Sexy Shiny Gloss in Pink Beige-Melow | RM 39.90
Pink Beige-Melow : Beige color containing shiny pearl particle.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Sexy Shiny Gloss in Honey Pink-Dolly | RM 39.90
Honey Pink-Dolly : Honey color with a gold pearl shine.

Creates shiny lips in just one application
Gives your lips a rich shine. Creates sexy, glamorous lips with one application.

Long-lasting gloss and moisture
A gloss like enamel and a rich coat protect your lips from roughness, dryness and keep them plump and moist for hours. *Contents macadamia nut oil and Mango seed oil (treatment ingredients).

Tube with brush tip makes application easy
You can easily apply any amount you want by simply squeezing the tube. The brush allows you to beautifully define the contour of your lips.

Differences from Heavy Rotation Sexy Enamel Gloss
While Sexy Enamel Gloss gives a rich color to your lips like lipstick, Shine Gloss gives a clear pearl or lame shine to your lips.

Momoy love the brush tip- easy to apply ^^

So nude ^^ 
Momoy use a milky lips color and lips gloss in dolly

All info from packaging.


6 tukang comment:

Odah + One = OdahOne said...

amboi MOMOY dah jd pinky girls semuanya pink ek...nice lipstick with blink2 lg...

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ Odah + One = OdahOne
tu baju raya tahun lepas =)
actually warna peach

IFA Athirah said...

nk beli jugak!color dia soft gler.mnarik!

caliph shuriken said...

dear.. jam tgn tu mcm pnah tgk.. yg aritu ek?

cominica said...

that is sooo cuteeee momoy! >w<

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@IFA Athirah
thx dear IFA.
tak sangaka otai sudi baca entry momoy
beli la. sangat2 nude warnanya
sesuai bagi yang suka gyaru style

@caliph shuriken

thx dear ^^
so nude

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