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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FACE IT Baked Shimmer Blusher in 01 Pink Aura

Salam kawan-kawan.

New stuff. Momoy bought this shimmer blusher from the The Face Shop FACE IT Baked Shimmer Blusher in 01 Pink Aura to try. 

Gojes (The Face Shop) FACE IT Baked Shimmer Blusher 01 Pink Aura

Another color (taken from

02 Coral Aura

03 Apricot Aura

04 Highlight Aura

Product description (info) from packaging:

Five-color multi blusher complements the sophisticated and clearly defined face with a soft glow created through the recipe of light

By combining the hand-crafted texture enabled by the terra-cotta technique and the skincare emulsion base, this blusher adheres to the skin smoothly like satin with no loose powder flaking away. Quadruple-coated auto-focus powder controls the refraction of light to make uneven skin surface radiate a soft glow. Depending on how you choose to blend the colors, it can be put to use for various purposes such as highlighter, eye shadow or blusher. It is a multi-gradation compact for one-stop make-up.


RETAIL PRICE: Not sure. RM 85.90 or RM 89.90 (Discount 5% for The Face Shop member)
WEIGHT : 8 gram

Momoy LOVE:

~ nice packaging
~ shimmery but looks natural on me
~ easy to blend
~long lasting! (lasts for more than 5 hours i thinks- if Momoy don't sweat for Asar  pray)
~ does not look chalky when applied
~ can be use as highlighter, eye shadow and blusher. Momoy also use as lip color.
~ smooth and lightweight

The BAD:

~ limited color pallet available in The Face Shop Mesra Mall outlet (Only 01 Pink Aura and 02 Coral Aura). But its ok since 01 Pink Aura is suitable for my skin colour.

More picture.
Take a look!

Momoy love the packaging as the squares tuck into my makeup collection without taking up alot of space yet still manage to be large enough for my blush brush to come away with plenty of color.

Come with this, very soft brush but Momoy prefer to use kabuki brush.  

This (these) shimmer blusher have a soft and smooth once Momoy apply it. Yay! It looks so smooth shimmery on the pan and the glitters NOT fall out once applied. Double Yay for it! 

Here SWATCH !! Korang see. The color is beautiful and unique to my personal stash and Momoy find it gives my face a flush of healthy color. 
This shimmer blusher have the right amount of glitter and they have just enough so korang don’t over do it yea ^^

Momoy never regret purchase this shimmer blusher (first time use very shimmer blusher) as Momoy really want to make them cheaper than they already are RM 80++, just seems to expensive. But Momoy did’t mind so much in this case since they had to be highlighter and eye shadow and got the lip gloss for free. Haha... And finally... Momoy got one-stop make-up!

Another one, the blusher can be lip color. How? Use this blusher onto lips and then apply lip gloss. Done! Okay, taking advantage of the 4  for RM 85+. Haha...

Actually, Momoy didnt notice got this The Face Shop Super Shine Lip Gloss for FREE GIFT... Momoy so in love with the nude orange colors.

Well worth it!
Loves them so much!

P/S: Sedia untuk dipakai raya nanti 


11 tukang comment:

waseemshahzada said...

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cominica said...

the color is soo cuteee momoy, i love it <3 <3

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ waseemshahzada
thx for ur suggestion

thx u dear. i waiting ur sana san powder review =)

**Bila Comel Jadi Comot** said...

cantiknya..suka lah suka sangat2 lah mmg feberet comel nih

kyo said...

xpnh lg beli the facae shop nyer brg.. mcm best jerk...

azi nur said...

sukenyeeee piiiiinkkk maigod!!

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ **Bila Comel Jadi Comot**
hihi... sama lah
comel kan suka pink

best sis. boleh la sis try

haha...suke suke suke pink yer

Odah + One = OdahOne said...

ewah merahlh pipi MOMOY raya nanti...hoho...syok main2 alat mekap ni kan

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ Odah + One = OdahOne
hoho...begitu la nampaknya dear =)

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