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Thursday, November 17, 2011

GEO Angel Green from iCandyStyleLens Review

Salam kawan-kawan.
Momoy back. Remember Momoy told you about winning a GA last month. Click hereHere's a review of GEO Angel Green from iCandyStyleLens that Momoy choose. I'm sure many of you are familiar with these since they're pretty popular.

GEO Angel Green Cirle Colour Lens 

This lenses shipping to my hand from Australia didn’t take longer than around 10 day. With Momoy lenses came the clear white-pink contact case, instruction and cute message. Thank you!

This is how pretty they packaged it with a lot of care. The lenses it was wrapped in bubble wrap when it came to Momoy. With 2 layers! 

To my surprise Momoy also found a Lollipop in my little package =) What can Momoy say,  iCandyStyleLens stole my heart.

Nice note and sweet lollipop 


The design of these lenses is very nice. Momoy really like that the ring of black isn't too harsh. You can truly see the detail in the design. Also, the colour is extremely vibrant. 

Momoy obsess about green lenses. Momoy think green lenses are the ones that provide the most difference with letting everyone know you have made some color alterations to your eyes.

These don't enlarge my eyes much at all but they are slightly bigger than my iris. They’re smaller in diameter than my everyday since they’re 14 (it because Momoy always wear 16 mm lenses), but Momoy felt like the lenses were really nicely pigmented.

About comfort, for Momoy the lenses are great comfort. Momoy have no issues with these lenses accept the size. When Momoy initially put them in, there's always a little discomfort and watering, but after a little while Momoy can't even feel them. Overall Momoy don't even notice I'm wearing them, they are really comfortable. Yeah. Momoy love it!

And yea… iCandyStyleLens is currently having a photo contest so get in quickly.


7 tukang comment:

dunia kecil indi said...

awww, even they give u a lollypop? cuteeee!! <3

**Bila Comel Jadi Comot** said...

wahhh..lepas ni mata momoy akan besar cantik sweet like candy la..weehuuu

syahirooAhmad said...

wahhhh orang laki kalau pakai agak2 cantik tak? hahahha..

caliph shuriken said...

greeeeeen ^^

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ dunia kecil indi
yup! the service great and sweeeettt

@ **Bila Comel Jadi Comot**
hihi...tapi yang kecil sikit sebab dah biasa pakai lagi besar

@ syahirooAhmad
ada apa boy pakai tapi kena cari design yang sesuai la

@ caliph shuriken
yup. momoy suka lens warna ijau
bila lain baru org nak pandang byk kali sikit. muahaha

cominica said...

Wow, congratzz!! I love circle lens <3 The lollipop is lovely~~ :D

check out my EOS review too :)

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ cominica
thx u dear cominica
my pleasure

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