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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Momoy just won a Circle Lens Giveaway!

Salam kawan-kawan.

Few weeks before, Momoy entered a circle lenses giveaway contest by Jeeya’s Beauty and Fashion Blog where 300 valid entries randomly selected to win circle lenses from

Visit her blog. Jeeya have another GA here

And they just announce the Winner of Circle lens giveaway contest by Yay. Momoy won! 

Thank you so much, Jeeya, for quite an unexpected and delightful surprise! Momoy have never really won anything, so Momoy was especially excited to win a giveaway.

There was TONS of gorgeous GEO circle lens at Let’s have a look!

It’s going to be perfect for my new outfit =) Anyway, Momoy can’t wait to wear the lenses. Just wait for my photo review yea ^^ Last, but not least, much thx dear Jeeya and for this lovely circles lenses. 


9 tukang comment:

Odah + One = OdahOne said...

congratz MOMOY! Bravo! Bravo!...MOMOY suka mata kaler biru or brown?...hoho...

Maicher said...

wuuwuwuwuww. bestnya momoy menang.
mai tak penah menang apeee ponlagi.

maybe sebab tak penah join apeee pon lagi. hahahaha

ape pon tak bleh~

kyo said...

tahniah momoy..... (=

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

@ Odah + One = OdahOne
momoy love green lenses
biru/ brown sangat2 biasa sebab ramai yang pakai
kalau hijau jarang sangat so rare
bila lain maka org akan nak cuba tgk lagi. haha...
oh ye. thx dear

@ Maicher
thx dear mai.
jom la try
momoy pun 1st time jer menang tu

thx u sis kyo =)

UYC said...

wahhh cool,

hai momoy lama x nmpk ade sehat :)

UYC said...

aaa tu la kn hehe. ehh ape yg lainnye..

Wen said...

wahh tahniah... hehehe

cominica said...

waw, congratulation dear!! :D

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

oh. dear lama x visit sini
momoy maksud blog dear. dah lain rupanya

thx u dear Wen

thx u dear cominica =)

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